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This is just a repackaged ZIP of the wonderful OpenHUD for OpenMW so it works with the 0.49 Development Build!
(Now updated for December 2023)

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Thanks to Vegetto88 for commenting how to fix it for the newest Dev Build since I'm not currently on OpenMW.
I've uploaded a new version with the fix that should work for the latest build (as of Dec 2023).


I noticed that OpenHUD wasn't working with the current Dev Build of OpenMW even though wazabear even published a patch for 0.48, so I wanted to look into why because I really really love the mod!

The folders are arranged differently in the current build, so the files didn't go where they belong when installed - which was why it wasn't working.
So this is just a quick Repackage with the new folder structure!
-- This will be taken down once/if an official patch is released ofc!

You can now install it like any other OpenMW mod!
(I suggest Mod Organizer 2 with Kezyma's OpenMW Player ^^)
(If you install it manually you absolutely must keep a backup of the replaced files!)

All credit goes to the original creator wazabear!