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A great danger grows in Vvardenfell, a myth creature, forgotten and turned into a fairy tale. The dragons have returned to the main island of Morrowind and they are planning to destroy the empire and impose the reign of fire.

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Since Morrowind Moddind History is down at the moment and there's no perspective when it will come back, I'm uploading this here on Nexus so
it can be  easily available to everyone. Definitly one of the most impressive mods ever created for Morrowind, especially for its time (1.1 was release way back in 2005 if I'm not mistaken!). A little jenk, but still a must play! It works fine on OpenMW.

Disclaimer: 1.1 is not the final version of this mod, only the final version Razhkul released. A few years after 1.1, Gluby released a overhaul with various fixes and a additional white dragon placed in Solstheim. I've had never played Gluby's overhaul, so I cannot say how much of a improvement it is over 1.1. So that's that.

From the original read me:

1. Introduction.
2. Installation.
3. Playing the Plugin.
4. Features.
5. Controls of the baby dragon.
6. Controls of the adult dragon.
7. Credits.
8. FAQ.
9. Disclaimer.

Warning!! This mod is a stable version but who knows what kind
of things can happen so I recommend you make a copy of your save games
and if you find any bugs, please report it to me.
Read the version 1.1 notes at the end of the file.


1. Introduction.


A great danger grows in Vvardenfell, a myth creature, forgotten and
turned into a fairy tale. The dragons have returned to the main island
of Morrowind and they are planning to destroy the empire and impose
the reign of fire.


2. Installing the Plugin.


To install the plugin, unzip/extract the files into the Morrowind/Data Files


3. Playing the Plugin.


From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box
next to the ReignofFire1.1.esp

If your character is under level 30 the game will ask you if you
want the mod to start despite the difficulty.

Once the mod has begun, something in Caldera beckons you…

If you are updating unselect ReignofFire1.0.esp, in this case it
will be better to load a savegame previous to the mod.

Note: The Tribunal expansion pack is required!!!


4. Features


Four new dragon models (green, red, blue and black) each one with
a different head, different powers and two animations sets.

A main quest to introduce the dragons into Vvardenfell and give you the opportunity to fight them.

The dragons will attack some cities (Ald-Ruhn, Balmora, Caldera,
Hla Oad, Maar Gan, Pelagiad, Sadrith Mora, Seyda Neen, Tel Aruhn,
Tel Mora and Vos). Those attacks will be more frequent during the
main quest.

Four new dungeons, some of them with traps and puzzles.

The possibility, once the main quest is finished, to breed your own baby dragon.

The possibility to ride your dragon when it grows up.

A new saddle model for your dragon.

Two new head models.


5.Controls of the baby dragon.


To access the baby dragon menu simply activate it. From here
you can command the dragon to follow you, stay, ask for his morale
and feed it. The dragon only can eat the following ingredients with
its nutritive value: daedra's skin - 0.2, rat meat - 0.3, small kwama egg - 0.3,
crab meat - 0.5, hound meat - 1, large kwama egg - 1, durzog meat - 2,
daedra's heart - 2 and human meat - 3.
To make your dragon grow it has to eat each day a value of 3. For example, if you
only have rat meat, your dragon has to eat ten units of rat meat a day for it to grow.
You can give your dragon corprus meat as well but that can cause indigestion.

When the dragon is born, it will be very weak but in time, it will grow bigger and stronger.

When the dragon is following you, you can fly or levitate with no problems; the dragon will start flying too and continue following.

Once the dragon has reached its adult age it will tell you.


6.Controls of the adult dragon.


To access the adult dragon menu you have to sneak (ctrl key) and
activate it. From the menu you can make it follow you, fight by your side
go to one location or go to hunt. As the dragon is adult and more
independent you don't have to feed it; it will go for food when
you want.

ACTIVATE - to mount
Sneak+ACTIVATE - open menu

On the ground:

Run (shift+w) Start of stop to walk
Sneak (Ctrl) Start to flying

In the air:

Run (shift+w) Start of stop moving
Sneak (Ctrl) Start falling to the ground
Backward (s) Ascend
Forward (w) Descend
Right (d) Increase the speed
Left (a) Decrease the speed
Sneak and Right (Ctrl+d) Start to planning

Common keys while riding:
Activate - spit fireball
Sneak and Activate - Stop riding (only if you are in the ground)
Sneak and Left (Ctrl+a) - Toggle between free view mode or lock view mode
Sneak and Forward (Ctrl+w) - Raise the target of the dragons breath
Sneak and Backward (Ctrl+s)- Lower the target of the dragons breath
Note: Once you modify the height of the target, the dummy used to control the
direction of the dragons breath will be visible during some seconds to let
you aim more precisely.




FofA - For his great help with the dialogue and the readme, without him
it would have been an impossible task for me.

MadMax - For letting me use his wonderful script and his contribution
to the Morrowind experience.

Lady Eternity - For her particles models.

AcidBasick - For his great tutorial about animations in Morrowind and
because I've used some parts of his saddle to make the new one.

DarkIllusion - Another great tutorial about animation.

Emma - I've used some parts of her companion script for the baby and
the adult dragon.

Rhedd, Arathrax and Gorg - For make the model of the head of Illwing Redwood.

Don Salus - For the excellent texture of the head of Illwing Redwood.

Bethesda - For making the best game in the world, good luck with chapter 4 guys.

And at least and no less important, to all the people who have gave me
their support from the beginning. Without you this mod would never be
finished, I expect you will not be disappointed, and please, forgive me for the




-Will it be compatible with Pegas Horse Ranch or Lord of the Dragons
by MadMax?
Yes I hope so. The only thing where it could be incompatible is
in the first attack in Caldera, so I've made the script not work
if you are riding one of his creatures.

-During a dragon attack, one of the NPC’s has died and it was important
for another mod, is this supposed to happen? What can I do now?
It could happen, I can't track all the mods that add NPC’s to the
towns so use the console to resurrect the actor (open the console,
click on the actor, write "resurrect" and press enter).

-Can I have more than one baby dragon?
No, you can only have one dragon, so save your game before the dragon is born and remember to choose wisely.

-My baby dragon has died, what can I do now?
You have to care for your dragon until it will be strong but if you
fail, reload a previous save game or resurrect it.

-When I'm flying in my dragon sometimes the controls are a little
It could happen when a new cell is loaded or in other situations,
you have to understand that the game engine isn't designed for that.
I like to think that the dragon is a living creature and won’t always follow your orders.

-The mod is too difficult or too easy.
Please report it me so I can adjust the difficulty.

-I know you've done a fifth dragon, a white one, what has happened to it?
I'm planning on doing an expansion with the white one for the people
who have bloodmoon.




The dragons models and all the scripts except the dragon riding
script are freely distributable, you can use them in your mod, the
only thing I ask is that you inform me about its use and please, not use
the dragons excessively. PM me on the Official Elder Scrolls Forums to let me know.

The dragon riding script is a heavily modified version of MadMax’s
horse script so if you want to use it in your mod contact him

If you are planning to use the saddle model give credit to
AcidBasick as the stirrups are from him.

This is Freeware. No one is allowed to
commercially exploit this mod. You may distribute this file

Notes on the 1.1 Version:

-After the first attack in Caldera if you are far away of Illwing it will display a message saying you've to speak with him.

-Fixed a terrible mistake in the sintax of the dragon attacks scripts, the odd thing was that they worked before the fix

-Fixed the exit door of anudnabia.

-Fixed some dialogues to make more coherent the quest for the dragon lairs.

-If somebody dies during the dragon attacks, your crime level will be cleared after the attack.

-When you take the heart from a dragon corpse it will be disabled, so it will not be a trouble.

-I've fixed a bug in azhknurabi where it's supossed levitation has to been disable.

-I've fixed the size of Unthoiz, it was too big.

-Fixed the problem of the spells autocalculated.

Razhkul. 2005