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Dynamically calculates your maximum Health based on your current Endurance, Strength, and level, removing the need to prioritize early stat gains to maximize Health. The mod applies the vanilla Health formula, but uses current player stats: ( (Strength + Endurance) / 2 ) + ( ( Endurance / 10 ) x ( Level - 1 ) )

See "docs" for details.

Permissions and credits
I am not the author of this mod, nor will I provide any support. However, the mod works flawlessly in my experience, including with OpenMW. I am merely uploading the mod here for wider availability, as its only previous online location ( now appears to be out of service. The mod author generously notes in their readme: "Everyone can freely distribute my mod! Upload it, share it, download it, just use it!"

Although there are other Morrowind mods that do similar things, the simplicity and elegance of this mod, coupled with the fact that it is not dependent on MWSE, make it my personal favorite.

All credit for this excellent mod goes to Talrivian.