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Equip light with hotkey; automatically re-equip shield when light is unequipped.

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Requires OpenMW 0.48 or newer.

When a hotkey (default 'c') is pressed a light from the players inventory will be equipped and their currently equipped shield, if any, will be stored to be automatically re-equipped when the hotkey is pressed again. By pressing alt > hotkey the player can assign (or clear) the currently equipped light as their preferred light; the preferred light will be prioritized whenever a light is equipped using the hotkey. Preferred light and saved shield will be preserved between sessions, though it may get confused between multiple objects with the same Id in the player's inventory.

Updates are planned for the future as OpenMW Lua progresses.

Github (If you want the Readme or changelog go here) 

Note: While initially the plan was to store and subsequently re-equip two-handed weapons as well, I learned that in OpenMW equipping a light does not unequip two-handed weapons. If the OpenMW Devs change that behaviour or someone makes a mod to change it I will update this mod to also account for weapons.


  • Sort lights by remaining duration
  • Add preferred light system
  • Make the hotkey configurable in-game