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Adds lore-inspired wooden masks in-game for fashion or roleplay purposes

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This is a little mod I've been working on to get some practice in Blender and the Construction Set. I've always loved the designs of the Daedric helmets in-game, even more-so when I first saw Michael Kirkbride's concept art for them, explaining their religious significance. So I set out to shamelessly hack out the models and turn them into masks you can wear throughout the game!

This adds two mask merchants to the game (more to come later if I continue working on this) who will sell you carved masks for a fairly low price. The first merchant is in Suran, and is fairly friendly. The other merchant is in Ald-Ruhn and is a bit dismissive of you. They've got some VASynth-generated voice lines for calling out to potential customers. (let me know if audio mixing is a problem)

In addition to selling you the masks, the merchants also offer to tell you the cultural meaning behind any masks in your possession, and I've tried to keep the info they give you close to what is described in the Daedric helmets concept art.

Currently, the masks I've implemented are the three Daedric helmet designs, as well as the Indoril helmet that the Ordinators wear. Each design comes in two variations: the mask by itself (on top of a black hood stolen from the Dark Brotherhood helm) or the mask with a Gondolier Helm. Texture paths have been preserved, so any texture mods you have that affect Dark Brotherhood armor or the Gondolier Helm should also affect the masks as well.

I've done my best to clean the .esp and it shouldn't really conflict with anything other than possibly overhaul mods for Suran and Ald-ruhn. No levelled lists have been touched, and the only changes to the world have been the additions of the mask merchants and their stock.
There are no scripts, and the mod is tested to work in both Morrowind.exe and OpenMW. I haven't tested it in MGE but I see no reason it wouldn't work.

  • Add more masks, including masks with entirely custom meshes
  • Add more merchants as the variety of masks increases. Probably merchants of different races with different views on the trade
  • Tweak dialogue a bit more (Merchants at the moment prioritize their responses when asked to evaluate a mask, meaning they'll never mention the Inspiring Face mask if you have a Face of God in your inventory as well, etc. I also believe I've made one slightly lore-unfriendly remark where the mask merchants will refer to Nerevar as House Indoril's "founder", despite that not being the case lore-wise. Brain fart on my part)
  • Replace textures with more consistent ones

I had originally planned on doing a bit more work on this before releasing it, but life caught up with me and I thought I'd release it for feedback now. That being said, the mod should be complete as far as its current scope is concerned, so don't be afraid to try it if you're interested :)

My OpenMW screenshots are with New Gondolier Helm by Tyddy installed. Without that or any other Gondolier Helm replacement, you will have the vanilla Gondolier textures. Similarly, the hood texture requires Tribunal to be installed (or a Dark Brotherhood armor texture replacer)