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Celebrate saturalia in Morrowind

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  • Italian
Celebrate saturalia in morrowind  in raven rock with festive hats and decorations.

This mod add:
-Colored lanterns to Raven Rock Bar and decorations to imperial taverns.
-Saturalian tree to Raven Rock Bar , Mine Entrance and Vvardenfell's taverns.
-Saturalian gift into Factor's Estate and Halfway Tavern to imperial taverns and raven rock bar.

Version 1.9.4
-Cuirass and greaves now is clothing pieces (clip with boots and gloves using armor version with imperial and nord character)
-Restore health of cave rat
-clean with tes3cmd

Version 1.9.2
-New meshes and icon for vest
-New meshes for hat

Version 1.9
-Add saturalian decorations, treee, etc to Dirty's Muriel, Six Fishes and The End of World
-Add chrismas music in taverns with decorations (required MUSE 2 - Morrowind Music System Extended)

Version 1.8
-Add new saturalian decoration
-Rename Saturalian cuirass saturalian vest
-Add saturalian decorations, treee, etc to Shenk's Shovel 
-Two pieces of saturalian clothes for each taverns (pelagiad, caldera, raven rock)

Version 1.7
-Remove saturalian clothes in factor's estate
-Add saturalian boxes near tree
-Add saturalian gift: open for saturalian clothes
-Half-way Inn: moved saturalian tree,boxes,etc and add colored lantern 

Version 1.6
-Add icon
-Renamed the left glove (before it was renamed right glove)

Version 1.5
-Add cuirass, gloves and pants (these items use fur nordic icon the moment)

Version 1.4
-Add effect to tree
-Tree, saturalian boots and saturalian hat into Halfway Tavern (pelagiad)

Version 1.2
-Add Saturalian Boots (this item use heavy leather boots icon the moment)

Put all file into Morrowind\Data Files folder and active esp

Effects texture from  Magic Diversity - COMPLETE .
Gloves meshes and texture from  Tamriel_Data .
Pants meshes and texture from More Better Clothes Vol I - Vanilla 
Ashlander lanterns meshes and texture from Dunmer Lanterns Replacer 
Script music from Better Music System - MUSE Version
Shirt base meshes and texture from Better Clothes Complete
Fur meshes and texture for shirt from Snow Prince Armor Redux

Carol Of The Bells (Celtic Version) by Alexander Nakarada | https://www.serpentsoundstudios.comMusic promoted by 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)