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Adds atmospheric throat singing healers to the Tribunal Temples.

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This mod is compatible with Morrowind and Open Morrowind.

I always thought that the Tribunal Temples felt a bit sterile and had no atmosphere. They were just another place to buy potions and spells. I wanted the temples to feel more like they were places of worship and that something spiritual went on in there.

So now in the temples and chapels across Vvardenfell there are Throat Singers who provide atmospheric devotional songs which also have healing properties. When you walk into a Tribunal Temple now it will sound and feel more like a sacred place.

If you are near enough to the Throat Singer the sonic vibrations of their song will heal you over time.

The Temple Robes and Hoods can be bought from the Temple Enchanters in Balmora, Ald'ruhn, Ghostgate, Sadrith Mora and Vivec. Enchanted and unenchanted versions are available.

Faras Thirano in the Tower of Dawn, Ghostgate is the only enchanter that sells the Throat Singer Robes and Hoods.

If you wear the Throat Singer Robe or Hood and you are below the rank of Curate in the Tribunal Temple then the Ordinators will attack you for wearing sacred garments.

Unfortunately the hoods can't be worn by Argonians or Khajiit as they just don't fit over all their fluffy/scaley goodness.

The song's sonic frequencies not only heal but interfere with teleportation magic so if you want to teleport just move a little further away from the throat singer.

Both robes are retextured versions of a couple of Bethesda's robes and so have the same clipping as the originals.

Praise the three.

Credits and Thanks:

R-Zero:  For the hood from the Ash Mask from their Random Resources Pack
Falsalama:  For the Throat Singing
George Bullen: For the Whispering