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Embark on a misadventure to find the perfect wife for a very (un)pleasant farmboy. Second entry in the QMS Series.

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The Repulsive Paramour
a quest mod created for Summer Modjam 2022
Entry 2 in the QMS series

Quests of Mysterious Strangers (QMS) is a quest series that focuses on short but unique quests and/or questlines in which the player meets and interacts with special characters that help to better show perspectives of various factions for the purpose of immersing the player in the game world. Say that 3 times fast. The series takes influence from the Red Dead Redemption games and their own stranger quests, and is currently planned to have 10 separate entries.

In this second entry the player meets Nilera Ieneth at her farmhouse. She reveals that her son has been having trouble with the ladies and asks the player to lend him a hand in finding "the one". Her son, Mivul, proves however to be quite eccentric, sending you on quite a daring mission to find him love. At any cost. 

Only requires the expansions.

This mod edits Ienith Ancestral Tomb and Nilera's Farmhouse. Compatiblity with anything touching those things is unknown, test for yourself.