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Adds 7 boss characters to challenge otherwise overpowered, high-level player characters.

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Do you have an overpowered, end-game character? Was Vivec a painfully easy fight for you? Worried there's nothing left to give you a good challenge? Tired of end-game content mods that just slap tens of thousands of health points onto enemies and call it a day? Have I got the mod for you.

This mod adds 7 new bosses scattered across Vvardenfell and Solstheim, each with different and unique abilities and cool, useful loot. They are designed to provide an entertaining challenge to end-game players -- with that in mind, I designed them around the philosophy that obscenely large health pools are not fun, and so there is an emphasis on high-damaging but killable bosses, often with particular weaknesses or strategies that work better against some than others. The emphasis is on trying not to get hit. A very high / enhanced speed stat for dodging attacks, healing items, and other tactical advantages are recommended.

That in mind, "obscenely large health pools" is a relative term, and these were made for end-game players to not one-shot. They have more health than bosses in the base game by a somewhat fair margin. I playtested these bosses with a level 65 character who verges on abusing Fortify Strength and Luck effects and find them pretty difficult. They might encourage you to seek further power to help beat them. On the other hand, maybe you really went overboard with Alchemy stacking and will find them easy. Only one way to find out.

Every boss features new unique items. One (Sam) features newly textured unique items. Lore-friendliness was treated as secondary to an entertaining gaming experience.

Ordered very roughly from easier to harder (this also factors in difficulty in dodging and other relevant details); Mileage may vary.

"To kill without being seen -- this is the perfection of combat, to avoid combat altogether."
NNW of Seyda Neen, in a small inlet in the hills
Notable Loot: Bites-From-Shadows Bow

Yoshikagius Kiras
"I feel totally relaxed... like a plant ..."
Somewhere outside in Ald-Ruhn. He fronts as an innocent civilian, so you may need to get your hands dirty...
Inspired by the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure character Yoshikage Kira
Notable Loot: Scroll of the First Bomb

"I'm a prodigy, you know. A true genius. One look is all I need..."
East of Odrosal inside the Ghostfence, across the suspension bridge
Inspired by the One Punch Man character Garou
Notable Loot: Amulet of Flowing Water, Crushing Rock; Amulet of Whirling Wind, Slashing Steel

"Ey yo, ain't nothing over till it's over!"
Follow the road south from Khuul until you reach a suspension bridge. He is on a hill on the other side, straight south from where Ashalmawia appears on the map.
Inspired by Rocky Balboa
Notable Loot: Champion's Belt

"Ok! Let's dance!"
Follow the road SE out of Dagon Fel, past the Senim Ancestral Tomb
Inspired by the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance character Jetstream Sam
Notable Loot: Murasama; Powersuit Armor

"F*** all these limp-d*** Hlaalu... and chicken-sh** Redoran!"
Under a giant mushroom on the peninsula Ebonheart sits on, directly west of the St. Delyn Canton of Vivec
Inspired by the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance character Senator Armstrong
Notable Loot: Armstrong Scrolls

Nickies Black
"Why, brother -- why?"
Solstheim, west of the crashed Dwemer airship and SSW of Hvitkald Peak
May not actually be the toughest depending on your playstyle
Notable Loot: Mundane Ring; Ring of Vitality; Escutcheon of Chorrol; The Blade of Nickies

Because this mod adds some automatically hostile NPCs and does nothing but add new NPCs, you may not want to install it until your character is ready for the encounters.

I plan to make sequel packs that build upon this mod. Please comment your design and balancing feedback!