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Rebalance for Pickpocketing in TES3:Morrowind, makes pickpocketing possible, but not broken. Sets max chance to 100%.

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Sets pickpocket modifier 0.3>0.15, sets max pickpocket chance 75%>100%

After testing for an hour or so and many edits to the parameters for pickpocketing, I have come to the conclusion that it being set to 0.3, which makes you less successful at pickpocketing the higher your sneak level is, was intentional. It appears that your sneak level affects your pickpocket chance, and the pickpocket modifier is actually the modifier for value and weight. It really doesn't seem like the modifier is affected by sneak directly, but rather it is the modifier for weight and value before chance is calculated.

And the uncapping to 100% just makes sense. Why would someone with, say, 150 sneak and 100 luck ever fail? I will not be bothering with a version that does not uncap.

So ye, didn't see any mods to really fix pickpocketing out there unless they were for MWSE.

At 50 sneak, you will be able to consistently pickpocket items of very low value, at 150, you can get items valued at 200-500 gold, but not an item valued at 2000 gold. Might readjust it sometime.