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Makes most weapons playable, by changing their damage, speed and reach to more suitable. Now you can make a fine use of iron, silver, steel or imperial weaponry. Don't trouble to seek great artifacts at the begginnig of your game. You can be quite deadly with near every steel.
Tamriel Rebuilt included!

Permissions and credits
I was always disappointed with how useless most of Morrowind weapons were. Still can't understand, why Bethesda made a lot of well designed weapons with great variety, while giving them unusable damage. In effect I have never used them and tried to get an ebony or daedric one as fast, as I could. So the only ones, who used iron, steel or silver standard, were NPC's or foes. In consequence I took scarcely a damage from them, having a powerful weapon in my hand at the same time.
Ebony, glass, daedric or popular artifacts - all of them are boring for me after all the years I had played. 
I made it for my own use, but decided to upload it on Nexus as my first mod.

What does this mod change exactly?

- Gives more damage to iron, silver, steel and other weapons(I think you can kill a man with every blade).
- Axes are now more deadly. Much more than swords, but swords have bigger range and are a little bit faster.
- Warhammers are more deadly than most axes, but slower. They have longer range though.
- Most long blades are truly long now. Sabers are faster than longswords, but longswords are longer. 
- Shortswords have the longer reach that daggers now, but still are slower.
- Broadswords are now usable. In vanilla game they are a complete trash. Made, I suppose, only for an exposition. I gave them a damage similar for axes, but they are also slower than other swords.
- I increased damage of most bows. I have the impression, that in vanilla game exist only four types of them: the bonemold bow, the bow of shadows, the daedric one, and the Auriel's bow. Others are toys. 
- Some of silver weapons are slightly faster than the normal steel.
- The damage of some overpowered artifacts is reduced a bit, but they are still good enough.
- Tamriel Rebuilt version available!

The details of technical changes of most weapons.

As the great majority of players already know, nearly all weapons has the same range in Morrowind, which is 1. It means, that the claymore has the same reach as a dagger, which is silly enough to installing my mod. 

Blades range is higher now. Look below.

Claymore - 1.4
Longsword - 1.2
Saber - 1.11
Broadsword - 1.12

Daggers reach is decreased to 0.88. Their vanilla reach is 1, so it make them as long as shortswords(which are slower and thus useless).

Two handed axes have little more range than one handed now. 1.06 to 1. 

The range of most warhammers is now reduced to 1.2. Only The Sixth House Bell Hammer and Daedric Warhammer have higher range(about 1.4). All of them are slower now, but deal more damage than axes(0.95 and 0.9 for longer ones).

Reduced range of one handed blunt weapons. 0.99 for maces and 0.93 for clubs.