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Frameworked & Overhauled New Typeface by Zobator (FONTZ)

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The .TEX file is rearanged for optimal convenience and available in a neatly structured .PSD file for you to edit. This should make font creation (a bit) less tedious. Nearly as easy to use as WordArt for that book report back in second grade.

It's completely different from the vanilla font. So yeah, overhauled.

It's new AND I needed something for the letter N.

A glorious synonym for Font

That would be me...

Even after 20 years of modding, few have attempted to create new fonts for Morrowind, mainly because of the unpractical way Morrowind's font is handled and the tedious and confusing work it takes to change it.
This mod is a new font for Morrowind, but just as much a modder's resource which provides a framework which aims to somewhat simplify and structure font creation.
Included is a .PSD file in which the font letters are neatly arranged in a grid (40*40 px per character) and each letter nested in neatly coloured and labeled folders for your convenience.
Not only does this make everything look cleaner, it also eliminates the problem of overlap/caspering some other font mods experience by placing the characters very close to each other as in the vanilla font.
Additionally, it makes editing the .FNT file in a font editor easier as each character top-left starts at a multitude of 40, simplifying the process of changing the glyph properties.

Although built from scratch, this mod is heavily based upon and shares a lot of its visuals with Better Readable Beauty Font (BRBF) by Hrncamd and Baszermaszer as it uses the same font as its base.
For now I haven't completely matched the crispyness in some of the characters BRBF has (if someone knows how to please tell), but FONTZ does include many more special characters and solves some visual errors BRBF has.

Included are:
  • A new font (.FNT + .TEX file)
  • A .PSD file for you to create your own fonts
  • Two .TTF font files (Calligraph 421 BT and Magic Cards)