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Adds a hood for common_robe_01 and hoodless version of that robe to the game. Includes optional replacer.

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Nothing fancy here, but still a mod I think some of us really want. It's simple, it adds a hood for common_robe_01.

Installation is simple, drag and drop Common_Robe_01 Hood.ESP and the meshes and icons folders into your Morrowind/Data Files folder, and then check the mod in the launcher. If you want the hooded robe to replace the vanilla game's common_robe_01, drag and drop Common_Robe_01 Hood Replacer in there too, and check that in the launcher.

LOCATION: Two robes & two hoods are located on the barrels on the top floor of the interior of the Seyda Neen lighthouse. A completely hoodless version of common_robe_01 is hidden behind the barrels in case you want it for some reason.

I included two versions of the hood/robes (which you can see in the images) because I liked the look of the thinner one, but it clips with the first two male khajiit heads and the wood elf head with the wide gnomish beard. So I made one that those heads can wear with no clipping, but it equips just fine on every head so try both hoods on your character before leaving one behind, you may like one more than the other despite my intentions.

And if for some reason you can't find the robe/hoods, like you have a mod that changes the Seyda Neen lighthouse or something, one by one type these into your console and press enter:

player->additem common_robe_01_hood 1
player->additem common_robe_01_hoodless 1
player->additem common_robe_01_hood_ke 1
player->additem common_robe_01_hooded 1
player->additem common_robe_01_hooded_ke 1

I may turn this into a fully realized mod with more hoods for more robes and distribute them across the game world. We'll see. I tend to avoid large scale mods these days.

Also, the hood & robe use the default common_robe_01 texture, so if you have a mod that replaces those it might make my models look weird. Better Robes is fine because it doesn't change any textures.

Yes the .ESPs have been cleaned.