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A series of navigation beacons along the length of the Azuras Coast.

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While making Slavers Spire I had the idea of covering the waters around the main Telvanni territories with guide buoys using the same mesh. I figured it would be better as its own mod rather than part of that one for compatibility reasons.

The first beacon is just north east of Holamayan, the last just south east of Tel Mora.

The markers don't extend to Tel Branora since Therana's territory is an outlier and the area around Holamayan basically unclaimed wilderness.
They also don't go all the way to Tel Mora for those using the RR - Tel Vos Lighthouse mod as that area would already be covered by that lighthouse.


Shockingly few mods touch the sea so far out. I took rocks that existed already in vanilla and built atop of them to keep the compatibility risks small.

Haven't tested with TR, but they should be half way between Vvardenfell and the Mainland.

Abots Boats has been tested specifically. I originally wanted to mark the routes the scenic travel option used but some of them are really weird so I settled with marking the border of the open ocean and boat unfriendly rocks.


Tel Vos Lighthouse by Colt17/SiberianCrab for the lantern and crystal used for the top of the spire, edited by Cyprinus to fix the collision scale being off.