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A mod that adds a full set of Morag Tong Guild armor to the game. Based on Michael Kirkbride concept-art.

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A mod that adds a full set of Morag Tong Guild armor to the game.

*Based on Michael Kirkbride concept-art.

*for those who have already joined Morag Tong, you can get armor by connecting the mod in the launcher and entering a command in the console: StartScript MT_AddPCArmor_Script

- Cuirass
- Greaves
- Pauldrons
- Bracers
- Skirt
- Boots
- Open helmet for animal races
- Closed helmet for humanoids

In the MWSE version of the game, the helmet is replaced automatically (if you are a Khajiit and you removed the helmet from the killed Dunmer), it will be replaced automatically. In the OpenMW version, you will need to put the helmet on the ground to replace it (see the video)

There are two types of textures in the archive (differing in the color of the armor) In order to make a replacement, it is enough to copy the files (9 pcs.) from the folder "ver 01" and push them along the path "textures\smmt" in order to put everything back in place, you will need to copy the files (9 pcs.) from the folder "ver_base" and push them along the path "textures\smmt"

There are also two versions of the esp file. For MWSE and OpenMW versions of the game.

You can get armor by joining the Morag Tong Guild and completing the first task of Eno Hlaalu.

Or by killing a member of the MT guild wearing the kit.

*The cuirass of the members of the MT guild is slightly different from the cuirass issued to the player on a mission. Also, you can get shoulder pads that are suitable for use on top of the mantle (without conflicts) by killing one of the MT members wearing the mantle.

*The MWSE version also allows you to issue a set of armor to selected members of the Morag Tong guild.
Or deprive some members of the replacer of armor (before visiting the cell with this NPC)