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Lava will hurt the player, but not NPCs

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Companions are not smart enough to avoid stepping in lava. It is up to us to protect them!

This is a very simple tweak to the vanilla lava script to make it so that lava hurts the player, but not NPCs/Followers.

Since it modifies the original lava script, it will conflict with other mods that alter that script (or mods that rely upon NPCs getting hurt in lava)

Scripting note: to do this I needed to use ModCurrentHealth rather than HurtStandingActor, so that NPCs standing on lava at the same time as the player would not be damaged. In normal play this should not matter too much, but ModCurrentHealth can cause damage even during god mode while HurtStandingActor does not.

So be warned not to stand in lava, even with god mode.

Featured in in Danae's mod of the week series