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Adds a Telvanni lighthouse to the waters near Sadrith Mora and Tel Aruhn.

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The Telvanni are notoriously isolationist, to the point where their district capital forbids outsiders without proper papers. Unfortunately the trade of slaves and other goods often comes from beyond the House, a necessary evil they choose to endure. A dropoff point was chosen so that the Telvanni could better control those that enter their territory, not all that do business in the trade of living beings are the sort they would want free and able to wander their cities. Worse should the Temple ever gain proof beyond doubt some of those they sell to are of blasphemous character.

The Slavers Spire was later deemed unprofitable and abandoned when VVardenfell District was forced to close its borders, now acting as little more than a lighthouse and interesting landmark for the locals.

I wanted to build a lighthouse near to Sadrith Mora and Tel Aruhn, but with a little more flavour than just "it guides ships". I had wanted to add a sload airship to the upper platform to show just where some of those slaves were coming from and being sold to, also satisfying the 'obscure lore' part of the brief, but haven't gotten permission to use the one I found.

New Optional Version

For those who use other lighthouse mods to cover the Tel Aruhn and Sadrith Mora bay there is now this optional version. The spire has been moved to the hill between Bensiberib Camp and Ahinipalit, on the coast between Tel Uvirith and Tel Fyr. This version lacks the small dock with crates, and has the lanterns removed as its a considerably more out of the way area. File was renamed to TelvanniLandSpire.esp to differentiate it from the original. Credit to Cane1314 for the location.


Main File only touches Azuras Coast 16,6.
Optional is Molag Amur 12,2.


Tel Vos Lighthouse by Colt17/SiberianCrab for the lantern and crystal used for the top of the spire, edited by Cyprinus to hopefully fix the collision scale being off.