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A MWSE mod that lets you challenge NPCs to a soul gem battle, letting the creatures' souls fight.

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This mod lets you challenge NPCs to a soul gem battle, letting the creatures' souls fight.
In it's default configuration, only members of House Telvanni will be able to be challenged.
To initiate a soul battle you have to talk to an NPC and select the 'Soul Battle' option from the dialog window.
A 'Soul Index' is required to participate in soul battles. You can acquire a 'Soul Index' from general Telvanni
traders or by simply killing/stealing it from a Telvanni. This includes guards, as well as any other Telvanni member.
You must insert filled soul gems into the 'Soul Index' to be able to use the creatures in battle.
Simply equip the 'Soul Index' to do so.

Winning a soul battle will reward you with a soul gem filled with one of your opponent's souls.
Losing a soul battle will remove one of the souls that was inside your 'Soul Index'.
This gives you a fun alternative way of earning soul gems for your everyday needs.


OpenMW: Not Compatible


You can enable or disable the entire mod.
You can enable soul battles for any NPC or House Telvanni NPCs only.
You can select if you receive rewards for winning soul battles.
You can select if you receive penalties for losing soul battles.
You can set the time limit of soul battles.


Copy the contents of the zip-file into your Morrowind installation directory.
Enable the "seph.soulBattle.esp".


OAAB_Data Team: Assets for the Soul Index item.


Please let me know if you encounter any issues. Be sure to attach your mwse.log if you report a bug.