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Turns Caius into the asshole with a dog on his head that he was always meant to be.

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The DeepLore™️

Ever since Todd Howard unveiled the famed Nirnroot in Fallout 4, the two universes have been on a collision course. Every moment they grow closer and closer together, with strange consequences on the denizens of both worlds. Caius Cosades is one such victim, merging with the asshole with a dog on his head known as Vulpes Inculta. The forces acting upon him are so strong it takes every ounce of his mental fortitude to remember himself, and his best friend and lover Divayth Fyr may be the only thing holding him together. Separate the two at your own peril, for in doing so Morrowind may lose its Spymaster forever, and gain a presence unlike Mundus has ever known before.

Getting Down to Walk Brass Tacks

This mod gives Caius a new hat based on the one worn by Vulpes Inculta from Fallout: New Vegas. Players who kill Divayth Fyr will also encounter an extra special piece of dialogue which is sure to arouse their personal c0da.


Tamriel Data and the TR Team for the skeleton
Alaisiagae and Psymoniser for the wolf helmet