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New editions of the Red, Yellow and Brown Books for 3E 427 to reflect your rise to power ... and other council events of note.

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New 427 editions of the three Council Books: the Red, the Brown and the Yellow Book of 3E 427 list the ranking councilors of Redoran, Telvanni and Hlaalu on Vvardenfell and chronicle recent events of note. 

  • Seven or more days (!, not immediately) after you have been appointed leader of your Great House, you should talk to your favorite councilor, mouth, or faction contact on topic "Redoran/Telvanni/Hlaalu councilors". Then you will receive the first copy of your new Red, Brown or Yellow Book of 3E 427. There are male & female versions for each book. 
  • The mod just adds a small detail for lore & roleplay: your new rank is formally recognized, the politics of your Great House and its enemies are commented on, and above all, the forms are obeyed. 


  • Important for testing! If you just use the console to become Great House leader, you will not get your book. You must also go to the correct cell: Vivec, Arena Pit for Redoran; Tel Vos, Aryon's Chambers for Telvanni; or Ebonheart, Grand Council Chambers for Hlaalu. (Or do the Great House questline legitimately. You'll end up in the right place.) Then wait seven days and ask someone about your House councilors.

  • The mod was cleaned with TESAME & tes3cmd.