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This mod adds a bit of variety to the early helmet options in the form of three helmets that have been added to leveled lists, and one unique helmet hidden within the world.

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This mod adds three Netch leather helms to the game and leveled lists, varying in color -- as well as a unique variant hand placed within the world.

There stats are quite a bit better than the options present in the vanilla game (see tables below)

Netch Leather Helm (Vanilla)

Weight: 3.00 (Light)
AR:  5
Health: 50
Enchantment:  75
Value:  15
Netch Scout Helm (Mod)

Weight: 3.00 (Light)
AR:  18
Health: 160
Enchantment:  200
Value:  120
Wayfarer's Helm (Mod - Unique)

Weight: 3.00 (Light)
AR:  24
Health: 320
Enchantment:  200
Value:  1200
Resist Blight Disease 10%
Resist Common Disease 20%


  • Blue: "netch_scout_helm_b"
  • Red: "netch_scout_helm_r"
  • Green: "netch_scout_helm_g"
  • Purple"netch_scout_helm_p"
  • Tan"netch_scout_helm_t"
  • Telvanni"netch_scout_helm_tel"
  • Wayfarer's Helm: "netch_scout_helm_w"