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A large, and growing collection of new voice clips made using XVASynth. 'Morrowind Fully Voiced' sub-project now out.

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*Disclaimer: This is not my mod, I'm just helping my friends over at DisgruntledWombats, and their fans by sharing their work. They told me this edition for this mod wasn't ever released. Now it is.

Also they have a discord server if you want to directly talk to them. It has been re-organized recently.

November Work:

26th NOV: Lines 101-200 are released for Male Nord. In proper MP3 format.

'Morrowind Fully Voiced' sees a release. What is this sub-project? Well Dan Ruta the author of XVASynth suggested that it could be used to provide voice clips for unvoiced sections of the game of Morrowind. So here it is. It will see releases in installments. Every 100 voice clips generated is a new update released. An update should be out roughly every week.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The first 100 audio files will need you to use Lazy Audio to convert the wavs to MP3s. This will be done by us from now on. But until will fix up our mistake, please keep this in mind.


Check back often for updates! And go check out MWVA Synth - xVASynth 2! Every dollar helps their project, helps the quality of the software.

They told me they have videos they made that they're gonna upload so you can check it out below.

Check out their other works: