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Six new fast travel locations to daedric ruins on the coasts of Vvardenfell.

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Six new fast travel locations to daedric ruins on the coasts of Vvardenfell.

Yasammidan, Yansirramus, Kushtashpi, Ashurnabitashpi, Ashurnibibi, and Bal Fell.

This is a remake of an old unreleased and long lost mod of mine from a decade ago that i never got around to finishing.

still not finished :p but functional

Planned to have the locations initially disabled and you have to find a sigil stone or something and place it in each location to activate the portals. But I've got a ton of other mods I'm working on so it's just as/is for now.

The portal meshes aren't mine, they are from a resource but I can't for the life of me remember who made them or where they came from(its been a decade).
Edit: I've been informed they are from Arcimaestro Antares

Daedric Travel Network
version 2.OAAB

*requires OAAB data

if updating from previous version uninstall old version and clean save before installing.


Now portals are off and must be activated with a sigil stone.
any OOAB data sigil stone

a sigil stone is required at both source and destination sites for a portal to appear.

ive hidden a few in world so its not required to use other mods

made edits to portal mesh, seperated from door jam and optimized doorjam reducing draw calls. i put the edited assets in my 0s folder so you know who to blame :p
original model by Antares

rotated some of the exterior building clusters to better fit the entrance with surroundings. thanks to CSSE, construction set scrib extender

removed lights because i didnt want to script them on and off with the portals and morrowind lighting is bad anyway so wasnt worth it.

updated sigil stand mesh integrating OAAB sigil stone asset and OAAB textures into animated effects

added sound to portal when its on

scripted spell effects when placing/removing sigil stone

globals used to activate each location
if you want to cheat type in console: set 0s_dtn1 to 1
and so forth for each location. 1 is on, 0 is off.
0s_DTN1  Bal Fell
0s_DTN2  Ashurnabitashpi
0s_DTN3  Ashurnibibi
0s_DTN4  Kushtashpi
0s_DTN5  Yasammidan
0s_DTN6  Yansirramus