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This mod adds a completely new bear beast race to the game, the Ursumir. The Ursumir have a 100% resistance to frost damage, but at the cost of a 75% weakness to fire damage. Their Spirit of The Bear allows them to rapidly recover their health and fatigue, while also boosting their combat prowess significantly for a short time.

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A new, playable beast race with a (semi) lore friendly background.


The Ursumir are often talked about in old Nordic legends, warriors the size of men with the bodies of bears who hunt on the tundra of Solstheim. Described often as being either myths or forest protectors like the all too real Sprigging, the Ursumir are as real as their quadrupedal ursine brethren. Confined to small, secluded tribes on the harsh ice, the Ursumir have developed thick layers of fat and fur to stand up to the cold, and because of that they prefer to hunt naked with their spears. Not only that, but their hardened homeland has led them to be near immune to frost damage, while at the expense of being significantly more vulnerable to fire.

The origin of the Ursumir is a relatively recent happening within the lore of Nirn. Many before the Ursumir were cursed (or blessed) with the affliction of Arktothropy, or the curse of involuntarily morphing into a horrible bear beast, by Hircine. However, those who accepted their new form as the gift it was intended to be and proved their worth to Hircine were given a permanent, more man-like bear form to inhabit. This blessing was passed down to their children, their children's children, and beyond. These bear men, who called themselves Ursumir, possibly getting their name from a mispronunciation of the colloquial name of the Orcs, Orsimer, formed tribal societies with a cult-like worship of Hircine at the center of it.

Since then, some Ursumir have left these tribal societies in search of anything the heart of man could desire.


Ursumir hold a unique position as being the only race to heavily specialize in both Spears and Unarmored. Having a +15 to both, this comes at the cost at only having three other skills that they specialize in: +10 to Light Armor, and +5 to both Athletics and Blunt Weapons. Ursumir playstyle is designed around moving quickly and keeping your enemies at a distance, while also having a simple, reliable way to get in close.

Their resistance, Bearhide, gives them a 100% resistance to Frost Damage, while also coming at the cost of a 75% weakness to Fire Damage. They also have a power, Spirit of The Bear, which boosts their Endurance, Strength, and Speed by 50 pts and restoring Health and Fatigue by 5 pts/sec for 30 seconds once per day.