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A repack of The Underground 2 with all the patches that came out during the years already installed. For a crash/bug-free experience.

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I created some time ago this re-pack of this awesome historic mod for Morrowind, just for myself. Now I decided to share it with the community.
The Underground 2 was a huge and awesome quest mod from the early 2000s made by Qarl. Sadly it suffered from severe issues, such as bugs and crashes.
So I looked on the Internet for all the possible and immaginable patches made by the community in all these years and I applied all of them to the mod, so you don't have to. It was a complex process, and it may be a nightmare for many, so I thought that a ready-to-play repack may be useful for many.
I also then recompiled all the scripts twice, cleaned the mod via TESTool and even esmified the main file, in order to improve stability.
This is the original experience of the mod as it was intended by its author, no unnecessary changes have been made, the "only" difference is that now everything works perfectly.
The Underground 2 was such a great mod, it deserves to be preserved.

OPENMW: at the moment (january 2023) the mod is not fully compatible with OpenMW. Not a mod problem, since the mod works perfectly on the old Morrowind engine. The OpenMW dev team is working on fixing those issues on their side on an engine-level, so as the OpenMW development advances and new releases will come out, hopefully these issues will be fixed. 
Please note that also all the other versions of this mod you can find online are still incompatible with OpenMW.
More details here

DISCLAIMER: If any of the authors of the patches and fixes (I don't remember all of them) doesn't want this mod to be uploaded here, he/she can contact me and I will remove it. Thank you and have fun.

All credits go to the good soul of the great Qarl (may rest in peace) and all the other authors who made all the patches for the mod. 
Also, a walkthrough guide for the mod is available here: The Underground 2 - WALKTHROUGH.pdf (