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A body replacer

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I ended up making a body replacer based on my Almalexia Redone model. It has a little nicer/detailed textures, and I might end up back porting some of the topology and texture changes to that mod at some point in the future.

In many ways this is still a work in progress, but it's definitely functional in the sense that it's a female body replacer. I just have plans to (hopefully) make it more comprehensive one day.


There's currently two versions of the mod.

A) If you do not use another body replacer, OR you do use another pluginless replacer:

Use the pluginless version. Drop the files into your data folder (or use a mod manager), overwriting any files that already exist in the body part (b) mesh folder. However, this will not work if you also use another body replacer mod that implements it via changing body part records with a plugin.

Also has the benefit of not taking up any plugin slots.

B) If you do use another body replacer which requires a plugin:

Use the plugin version instead. For the time being, since I'm not providing a male overhaul as of yet (or ever, who knows...), if you also want to use another body replacer for those purposes, you should load my plugin after the other body mod. This will overwrite the changes the other mod makes to female body part records.

Secret Options C) and D) (Delete the female body part records in the other mod and merge the plugins. although I'm not particularly experienced in merging plugins, it's probably possible... OR delete the female body part records in the other mod AND use the pluginless replacer :galaxybrain:)