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High quality and realistic sound replacer for weapons and other combat related sounds.

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Replaces the following sounds:
- Weapon equip and unequip
- Weapon swings
- Hit sounds, including sounds for the three armor variants

This is a realistic sound replacer, so no high fantasy metal rasp when a sword is drawn, only the sound of the blade sliding against the leather scabbard. The same goes for bows, just a simple twang when you loose an arrow.

There are two versions available. One for Morrowind Acoustic Overhaul and one for vanilla. MAO has much better sound balancing than vanilla Morrowind, so the MAO version of this mod will sound too quiet if used in a vanilla game. Thus the vanilla version has been amplified by 5db to fit with vanilla sound balancing.

Sounds were sourced from Immersive Sound Compendium for Skyrim by lazyskeever which was released under the Creative Commons 0 License. I edited the files in Audacity to match Morrowind's animations.

Video demonstration: