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This is a recolor of Gvalt's Ebony Chainmail, retextured to fit in with the Ashlander style of clothing!

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I've been enjoying my first playthrough of Morrowind, and I see now why it's so highly regarded. The Ashlander tribes in particular hold a special place in my heart, and I absolutely adore their culture and customs.  I wanted to have armor that matched well with my favorite Ashlander clothing in the game: 

and so, after asking Gvalt, they kindly granted permission to retexture their awesome Ebony Chainmail, and this is my result: 

It isn't perfect as I am no expert, but it's hopefully lore-friendly enough and fitting the Ashlander style =)

Found in a chest inside Urshilaku Camp:Zanummu's Yurt (tucked in a corner at the foot of her bed)

Comes in 2 flavors: with scarf, and NO scarf so you can use with your favorite face garb/neck gaiter/scarf mod of your choice.

The one in the pics is from Many Cloth Helms recolor pack by Damius, and the original Cloth Helms by Axeljk is here. 
It looks best with a scarf of some type or there will be minor clipping of the pauldrons in some animations.
And if using Better Bodies, you'll need to wear gloves/gauntlets to hide a slight gap =)  

This will not conflict with Gvalt's original in any way, so both can be used in your game, just as I do. I hope the location is okay since I know that some mods alter Ashlander camps. But if you can't find it in your game, you can always add it to your inventory by pressing the ~ tilde key in game and typing:
  player->additem ashlander_jacket_withScarf 1
  player->additem ashlander_jacket_NOscarf 1        then hit enter. It should then be in your Apparel section of Inventory.

Cleaned of Evil GMSTs using tes3cmd =)


Bethesda for the beautiful experience that is Morrowind!

All credit for the mesh as well as the scarf texture goes to Gvalt for their lovely Ebony Mail chainmail (download it and endorse!)

Red cloth texture is from Django's Rugs and Tapestries by Von Django (beautiful lore-friendly replacers, check them out if you haven't already!)

Leather/jacket/buckle/glass textures are from Pixabay/Pexels/Wikimedia Commons CC0 images: thanks to the users Pexels, maciej326, Egor Kamelev, Keegan Everett =)

Ashlander symbols were doodled by me in Gimp from referencing the in-game banners, and the Moon and Star on the little clasps is mine, as well as the Chitin of the pauldrons (i need work on my shading skills lol)