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Provides your character an option to take a loan from a pawnbroker.

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This mod provides a new way to legally get money: your character may take a loan at any Morrowind pawnshop. Pawnbrokers are meant to offer loans, but pawning an item in game is no different from selling it, so I decided to create more differentiation between services this way.

A loan may be taken for 1 to 14 days (no one will lend your character for more than two weeks 'cause your character is a n'wah). The interest is fixed to 14% (1% a day), the maximum loan sum is calculated from your character's and the pawnbroker's speechcraft and mercantile skills, personality, and also the pawnbroker's disposition to your character. But it can't exceed the pawnbroker's barter money. If the pawnbroker has no barter money, the pawnbroker won't lend your character.

If the debt isn't paid on time, your character will be fined double amount of the debt (increasing the bounty). Pawnbrokers won't lend your character till the fines for this crime have been paid.