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This mod aims to smooth out Morrowind's difficulty curve, making it easier in the beginning, but harder in the end. Cleaned with TES3cmd.

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Morrowind is truly an adventure to many. There's plenty of stories to be told through the hundreds of NPC's in the game, and no shortage of secrets to discover. Unfortunately, it's also one that winds up being a bit too much of a walk in the park after a certain point, even moreso on subsequent playthroughs. Additionally, it's also a bit too heavy handed during the early parts of the game in my opinion.  

As such, I decided to make this mod with the intent of smoothing out the difficulty curve so the game's easier in the beginning, but harder in the end. For the most part, this was achieved by editing GMST's (GaMe SeTtings). Note that GMST setting changes are global, so they will (in theory) also apply to NPC's where applicable. This means the game will be easier / relatively unchanged in some aspects. 

One of the goals of this mod is to make the game more difficult lategame without also making it tedious, hence why certain additions may initially seem counter-productive to that. While a new game isn't required to play with this mod per se, it would be best to enable this mod at the start of a playthrough regardless so one can get a better feel for the impact of the below changes. I will try to limit such changes to the major updates coming this mod's way. Also, if I am wrong about the end result of any of the below GMST changes, please let me know so I can adjust accordingly!


Unzip the mod file with your tool of choice, then place the ESP in the Morrowind / Data folder. After that, enable it through your mod manager of choice, and you will be good to go. I would advise against disabling this mod mid-playthrough.


Any mod that changes the mentioned GMST's in the readme will certainly cause problems with this one. Other than that, there should be no (major) issues. 

  • Expanding this mod's tweaks to cover Tribunal and Bloodmoon (this won't be done for a while.)
  • Spell tweaks (minor spell tweaks will be done here and there, but don't expect more than a handful (if even that) outside of major updates. With that said, I've a fair few planned for Version 1.5.)
  • Further economy tweaks.
  • Further creature level list tweaks (the second major set of these tweaks will implemented in Version 1.3.5.)
  • Tweaks to racial abilities and powers (will be implemented in Version 1.4.)
  • Continuing to add most of the items introduced by this mod to merchant NPC's.
  • Persuasion mechanic tweaks.
  • And more!