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This project aims to add the world of Azeroth to Tamriel, currently under a year of development first to be created is the continent of Northrend and soon to follow will be Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, This project is a new landmass, handcrafted exteriors and interiors, new NPCs, Creatures, and quests. soon to follow..

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This project aims to add the world of Azeroth to Tamriel, currently under a years development first to be created is the continent of Northrend and soon to follow will be Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, This project is a new landmass, handcrafted exteriors and interiors, new NPCs, Creatures, and quests.

Sitting North of Morowind is the continent of Northrend, The icy continent of the world of Azeroth Northrend is the source of the evil undead Scourge, with the former seat of the malevolent Lich King, the Frozen Throne at the top of Icecrown Citadel. The continent's mountains, tundras, and forests are rife with history, home to civilizations like the nerubians of Azjol-Nerub and the ice trolls of the Drakkari Empire, as well as ancient structures of the world-shaping titans and their servants.

Northrend consists of 10 large zones

Sholazar Basin: Sholazar Basin is a self-contained environment where the world-shaping titans allowed their creations to roam and flourish. Shielded from the Scourge by a powerful magical barrier, the basin has remained a haven from the undead. It is viewed by many of Northrend's embattled races as a kind of promised land.

It was in Icecrown that the ensorcelled diamond-hard ice containing the armored form of Ner'zhul crashed and became the Frozen Throne. It was also here that the death knight Arthas shattered the throne and merged with his former master. Now, from within the brooding Icecrown Citadel, the Lich King commands his undead Scourge to scour the world of all life.

Crystalsong Forest: Before the Sndering, Highborne night elves lived in Crystalsong Forest and protected its trees with powerful sorcery. Today blood elves and high elves fight over the Highborne ruins. The forest is also the frontline in the battle between the blue dragonflight and the Kirin Tor, who recently relocated their city of Dalaran to float above Crystalsong.

Wintergrasp: Wintergrasp appears in the second World of Warcraft expansion as the first non-battleground zone fully dedicated to world PvP, even on PvE servers. It focuses on siege weapon warfare. You can purchase Wintergrasp honor rewards from vendors that appear when your faction controls the zone.

Borean Tundra:
 The sprawling Borean Tundra is home to both the walrus-like tuskarr and the enigmatic taunka. Here also, deep within the mountainous Coldarra, the blue Dragon Aspect, Malygos, has awakened and resumed his guardianship of all magic. Commanding the blue dragonflight from his mystical base, the Nexus, Malygos is determined to seize control of magic throughout the world.

Storm Peaks: Legends maintain that the benevolent titans monitored Azeroth from the Storm Peaks in the years following their reshaping of the world. It is further believed that the secrets of Azertoh's past, present, and future may be found in the time-lost ruins of Ulduar.

 Within the Dragonblight, the one-time seat of the nerubian empire, dense forests surround an arctic wasteland littered with the massive bones of dragons who came here to die. Here also resides the Chamber of the Aspects, where the five great Dragon Aspects were given their charge to watch over the newly created world of Azeroth.

Grizzly Hills: In the heart of this primordial frontier lies the ancestral home of the furbolgs, Grizzlemaw. Although plagued by trappers and the deforestation efforts of the goblin Venture Company, the furbolgs' most imminent threat comes from the north, where undead Drakkari Ice trolls have begun pouring from their stronghold of Drak'Tharon Keep.

Zul'Drak: In-Development

Howling Fjord: In-Development

(Next Update will be adding the last two zones, Finalizing Exteriors, Adding custom weather, along side Creatures)

Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor

Coming Soon....

Northrend Requirements/Issues/Conflicts and other things

-NEEDED MOD - WoM Data (Has all the textures and models added)
-Location is north of Vvardenfel.
-Some what conflict's with TR mainly it just over lap's the Northern-East tip of Fire watch.
-Some of the models that WoM use's will no doubt also replace model's on Vvardenfel that being just tree replacer's.
-If you encounter any flagging or warning's just let me know or clean the esp, The future of this mod is a TC so anything TR or Vvardenfel related doesn't matter.
-Some textures and models I've done myself but the ones that I've not done are from other modder's mods, all credits and info is in the README file.
-Mostly the project consists of Exterior work and vanilla/new models and with me basically shutting myself off from the community for a year I've got no idea on whats new and what not,. I'm aware of OAAB and will incorporate some of the models into the project.
-Northrend is missing 2 zones,. which you'll noticed if you're out exploring the world (South-East), these will be done and all will be fully exterior complete by the new year or a little after, so keep your eyes out for the big update.
-Currently all that's added is Exterior zones and some weather patterns,.. so this is really just a showcase and walk around on whats been done in a year and whats yet to come.

Admittedly I've built a good and bad reputation in the Morrowind modding community, either way, I thank everyone that's stood by me and my work regardless of those times, some comments I'll reply too and others I wont,.. I've said this before but some users sadly dont seem to see the message, I'm using an old laptop and I'm still running windows 7, I know lol,.... so legit no mod cleaner works on my system anymore and I'm all out of handouts and asking friends to help clean files, so please remember to clean the mod and I apologies for the uncleaned mod... any reports and issues mainly could you tell me on the project discord server I've created debugging channel for reporting warnings, etc, you're welcome to report issues on the nexus mod page as well as just things miss placed and what not. not going to lie working with 70% snow for a year isn't the easiest and me and my friend have done our best to test the zones and making sure things are smoothed out.

If anyone wants to create any assets like weapons, armor, buildings, sounds, music etc.. for the project, its very welcome and would love to talk to you about it more on the WoM server, for now it needs to be Northrend related, and a simple drag and drop into the Construction Set. and make sure its not straight ripped from World of Warcraft itself please.

World of Morrocraft: 2024 Roadmap

My Discord Servers - For those that want to come around and support or share issues found.
World of Morrocraft -

This project has been underway for a year and its only been myself that's been working on it,. so please bare with me, I have a lot planned and many things I want to explore and add to the project.

Thank you all for taking the time to download and try out my mod project