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Adds more black lichen and red lichen throughout the Ashlands. Adds more green lichen throughout the West Gash region.

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About: There is nowhere near enough lichen in the world to suit my Morrowind Crafting cooking needs so this mod adds more black and red lichen in various locations in the Ashlands. Look for them on ashmires. Not all ashmires have had them added, but many do.

This also adds green lichen to various locations throughout the West Gash. Look for them on rocks.

As of right now, there are more red and black lichen than green lichen distributed, but I will probably expand on this in the future as I find more spots I wish had lichen.

Tip: Combine this with my Ingredients Galore mod for even more lichen.
I tried to make sure they were placed properly but I'm human; therefore, I'm not perfect so please let me know if any are floating lichen and I will fix them.

Installation: Drop the esp file into the data files folder or install with your favorite mod manager.

Image is from the Unofficial Elder Scrolls wiki page for green lichen.