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Jeremy Mcguinn and Turelek

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Recreation of Jeremy Mcguinn's Armour of Stendarr

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Knights of Tamriel - Armour of Stendarr

In Morrowind's early modding scene, a modder named Jeremy had a series of mods going on known as the "Knights of Tamriel." Jeremy never finished his project and left some armours unreleased, such as the Stendarr armour. This adds a replication of Jeremy's vision to the game.

The armour is located in a tower to the right of the Othrelas ancestral tomb near Vivec in the Ascadian Isles region. It is guarded by some daedra, namely, a Dremora Lord, Daedroth, and Golden Saint at the very top. Armour stats are just below ebony!

Original project viewable here:

Can also be used as a modder's resource. Just credit Jeremy Mcguinn for the original concept, and myself for the recreation.