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If your character has skooma or moonsugar, the merchants do not refuse to start the trade, but do not buy these items, or even call the guards. Works for raw glass, raw ebony and dwemer artifacts too. Also makes smiths not buy tools, weapons and armor, alchemists not buy potions, enchanters not buy unenchanted items. And nobody buys moneу.

Permissions and credits
Trade restrictions

It always bothered me that in Morrowind you can sell weapons to a smith or potions to an alchemist. It doesn't make any sense — they make and sell those things, why should they need to buy it? Recently I've noticed that «my trade» dialogue topics also consider that paradox:

I am a smith. I make, sell, and repair weapons and armor. I can tell you about the basic armor styles and weapon types. I can also tell you how to take care of worn weapons and worn armor, and sell you the armorer tools you need. I also repair weapons and armor, for a fee.
So smiths are not meant to buy anything, they only sell weapons, armor and tools.

I'm an alchemist. Alchemy is the process of refining and preserving the magical properties hidden in natural and supernatural ingredients. I sell potions. I also sell the various kinds of apparatus alchemists need to make potions, and buy and sell ingredients.
Alchemists are meant to buy only ingredients.

I am an enchanter. I enchant things, and sell them. I have scrolls, which are cheap, but only work once, and enchanted items, which work over and over again, but which are NOT cheap. I also make my enchanter's lab available to those who want to enchant items, but who can't afford the expense of building and maintaining a lab. I charge for the service, of course, but you must provide the items, soul gems, and magic effects. I also buy and sell enchanted weapons, enchanted armor, and enchanted clothing.
Enchanters are meant to buy enchanted items only.

So I made a script that prevents barter offers for some item types. There are the changes:
  • Smiths and publicans don't buy anything.
  • Apothecaries buy only ingredients.
  • Alchemists buy ingredients and apparati (because it seems to be for some reason the only class that's allowed to buy apparati).
  • Enchanters buy enchanted items only  (but not the scrolls).
General merchants and pawnbrokers still buy anything.
And nobody buys money, because it doesn't make any sense anyway.
I didn't do anything about booksellers, 'cause whatever. They may still buy magic scrolls, notes and blank paper. But If anybody needs it, I'll try to make them buy only books.

Illegal items

It also bothered me, that vanilla Morrowind merchants refuse to start the trade if the player has skooma or moonsugar in the inventory. How do they know?

This mod limits the trade of illegal items, such as skooma, moon sugar, dwemer artifacts, raw ebony and raw glass in an other way.
If you try to sell an illegal item, the merchant will refuse to buy it. There are exceptions:
  • Thieves Guild and Camonna Tong members buy any illegal items.
  • Any Khajiit general merchants, pawnbrokers, alchemists or apothecaries buy moonsugar and skooma.
  • Great House Telvanni members buy dwemer artifacts.
Optionally: the merchant might call the guards depending of one's Disposition. (Disposition ≥ 30 is required to prevent such an outcome.) If the guards catch your character, the illegal items one has tried to sell will be confiscated.