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This quest will bring you back in time, to solve a mystery untouched for hundreds of years. You'll also face off against Sheogorath's powerful minions for his amusement. Level 15-20 is recommended. Vampire characters can also do this quest.

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Frozen in Time
by Billyfighter

Newly updated version includes voice acting by Micky D!

This quest begins by finding a hilt of a sword on Azura's Coast. If you are level 15, a ghost will appear where the hilt is (not required), otherwise just head south of Azura's Shrine, and look at the edge of the water. It's on the same island the shrine is on.

In this quest you'll face off against powerful daedra from Sheogorath's realm. Level 15-20 characters are recommended. Though you can grab the hilt at any level, there is a "way out" for the player to take to avoid being stuck in a challenging position. If you can't defeat Sheogorath's minions, you can just kill the spirit to end the curse and you'll be back where you found the hilt. Though after doing this you will no longer have access back into the realm nor the sword as a prize, essentially failing the quest.

After finishing the quest and restoring a lost timeline, a new ancestral tomb will appear. You'll be rewarded with a Velothi ghost sword among other small finds throughout the quest. The new Ancestral Tomb entrance only appears after finishing the quest to completion.

You can use the console command "coe 19, -9" to get near the hilt's location. This quest mod will work for vampire characters. Tested to work for both vanilla and OpenMW. No landscape changes were made to exteriors. (Hilt at 19, -9 and Ancestral Tomb at 17, -9)

Originally made within 48 hours for the Summer 2021 Modjam and has since been updated.