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Replaces male and female khajiit feet with slightly more detailed models

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It's almost an atrocity that khajiit feet are so low quality, they're basically weird little nubs and it's all they can get! there ain't even no boots for the poor little buggers... >:(

This mod affects the Knee, Ankle and Skinned (Chest, Hands, Feet and Tail) body part models, which means there are possible conflicts/reasons why the mod won't work due to that. Although I haven't really seen any mesh replacers like this one from a cursory search, so I doubt it's a huge problem. The meshes are slightly higher poly (by like 10 triangles) and include a little bit of vertex color between the toes to add some shading. The meshes also have custom normals to make the 3 separate meshes appear contiguous, although it's kinda pointless for the feet and ankle edge split for the moment since the texture seam is so harsh... (Maybe I'll make a custom texture one day? Maybe not? Who knows... it's most likely the latter)

It's still directed towards the vanilla textures, so it will benefit from any retexture/texture upscale mods.

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I hope you like the mod!