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Changes the vanilla Evil Eye charm to the real-world counterpart from Greece and Turkey and the Middle East.

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From the readme:

Changes the vanilla "Evil Eye Charm" into the Kako Mati (Κακό μάτι)/Nazar amulet present in Greece and Turkey (as well as the rest of the Middle East). Changes the echantment to better reflect the cultural purpose of the Kako Mati, which is to protect from evil or recover from evil. In this case, I represented it as restoring luck for the character.

Cleaned with Enchanted Editor.

Essentially just a quick edit of Vanilla Morrowind's "evil eye charm" to the real world counterpart. Rather than damaging personality, it now helps restore luck. Nothing is changed except the mesh, icon, and enchantment (the enchantment is still lower-end too). It is also a modder's resource so feel free to use it in your mods.