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If your heart is wavering... flip a coin, and let fate decide!

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This mod adds the ability to flip a coin by simply dropping it in the world, with a 50/50 chance of the coin being flipped and showing tails. Because the vanilla gold coin model mirrors the heads face on both sides, a model replacer which adds a tails face is heavily recommended though not required. I've included two such replacers, one based on the Morrowind Optimization Patch mesh (vanilla-style) and one based on the smoothed mesh from RR Mod Series - Better Meshes. You may of course use your preferred choice of replacer instead if you wish. I haven't made a replacer for the Dwemer coin, so if you intend to flip one of those you'll probably want a replacer which adds a tails face to it. The Lucky Coin uses the same model as the gold coin.

Affected coins, both vanilla and known mod added
  • Septim (gold_001)
  • Dwemer coin (misc_dwrv_coin00)
  • Old Man's Lucky Coin (lucky_coin)
  • (from OAAB_Data) Triune (AB_misc_CoinTriune)


Should be compatible with everything, however mod added coins may not behave as vanilla coins. I took an effort to catch all items with the word "coin" in their ID, but this won't catch everything. I also took care to ensure compatibility with Merlord's Just Drop It which I recommend. Flip a Coin will maintain any adjustments made by Just Drop It when flipping the coin.


MOP Team for their optimized gold coin mesh, which I used in the vanilla-style replacer
Resdayn Revival Team for their smoothed gold coin mesh, which I used in the RR Better Mesh style replacer