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Makes the fundraiser dinner at Fort Moonmoth actually take place. Part of the May Modathon Month.

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Part of the May Modathon Month

In the vanilla "Brandy for the Fundraising Dinner" Imperial Cult quest you have to acquire five bottles of Cyrodiilic Brandy for an Imperial Cult fundraiser dinner that would take place at Fort Moonmoth. However, the fundraiser dinner itself never takes place. This mod remedies that. The fundraiser dinner would actually take place in the Imperial Cult shrine of the fort. The event starts when you start Iulus Truptor's next quest (Donation from Culius Pelelius) and ends when you report back.

- Meet with some new characters at the dinner: a married couple, an Altmer noble, an Imperial Cult priestess organizing the event, and an Imperial Legion guard responsible for keeping the common rabble away
- Some unique dialogue for all of them
- A dinner table with the Cyrodiilic Brandies and actual food on
- The food on the table aims to imitate one particular dish which we know from the lore of the Elder Scrolls universe. Can you figure out which is it?


Should be compatible with every mod, unless that mod modifies the Imperial Cult shrine area of Fort Moonmoth particularly. To my best knowledge (based on the screenshots) it should be compatible with Moonmoth Legion Fort Overhaul, as the mod seems to be an exterior-only overhaul, and the dinner takes place in the interior area. Works fine under the OpenMW engine, despite the mod's reliance on scripts.

Try out my other mod, which adds the Harvest's End Festival to the game (another event referenced in an Imperial Cult quest which never takes place in vanilla):