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A re-imagining of the False Sunder which was cut from the base game.

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What is it?
This mod adds a False Sunder to Elvil Vidron during the False Incarnate questline as part of the Temple faction. It also adds lore dialogue for Vivec, Almalexia, and Dagoth Ur depending on whether you have the real Sunder, the False Sunder, or no Sunder.

How does it work?
The False Sunder kills anything in one-hit at the cost of reducing the player's health to 1 HP, effectively creating an even playing field for one-on-one battles determined by hit success and speed of attack.

How does it differ?
Compared to the regular Sunder, the False Sunder has half the stats, value, and enchantment but double the attack speed and maxed out attack values.

Cause I played far too much Breath of the Wild and I like the One-Hit Obliterator...