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Increases the number of ingredients available in accordance with the major gameplay changing mods that require more ingredients than were available in vanilla.

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About: When Morrowind Crafting by Drac and Toccatta came out and I started playing it, there were a number of ingredients that I found difficult to get a steady supply. Some were more plentiful than others and there was no rhyme or reason to which ingredients were sufficient and which weren't. Since then, other mods require an increased number of ingredients to use and this further strapped the supply problem. This is all in addition to what is needed for vanilla alchemy if used. This mod attempts to accommodate the need for more ingredients in proportion to the number of mods that require a large supply of ingredients to play them.

Now, when you harvest ingredients, you will see an increased number of ingredients dropped. In some cases, I modified the flora containers themselves. In others, I just went into the leveled list and changed "chance none" to 0. Sometimes, I modified both. With that said, 5 ingredients is the maximum number you should receive from anything harvested.

I tried to be careful about how much I increased the supply. Morrowind Crafting and Ashfall are my primary ingredient hogs but I also usually have alchemy as a major skill and I thought about the ingredients I use the most. Morrowind Crafting, in particular, requires a huge amount of Saltrice, Marshmerrow and Meadow Rye, for example, so even though there is a lot available in the vanilla game, I still found myself running out despite spending a huge amount of time in the world harvesting so it's my hope this will make this a little easier.

I've tested this mod fairly extensively and I haven't personally found it unbalancing given all the game-changing mods that require large quantities of ingredients. Those mods are more fun because it's not such a hardship to get sufficient supplies.

If you don't use major game-changing mods like Ashfall or Morrowind Crafting, this will be unbalancing and you probably shouldn't use this. However, both of those mods add a lot of immersion to the game and are fun to play. I highly recommend them.

Don't forget to merge your leveled lists before playing with this mod. I recommend TES3cmd multipatch. This was also cleaned with Tes3cmd.

I sincerely hope you find this as useful as I have.