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MWSE recursive cliffracer mod

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part of Modathon 2021

Welcome to Morrowind

A MWSE recursive cliffracer mod

Named after the famous meme.
Where this version differs from other similar mods is rather than cliffracers spawning at the point of death they are spawned at a distance. Which imho makes it more immersive as it almost appears that other cliffracers hear their screams and come to their aid, similar to how some bird species behave.

Features MCM options for spawn chance, number of spawns (1-4), max distance of spawns, and a toggle on/off the entire mod.
At this time it only works on the base cliffracer creature. Diseased, blighted, or modded are not yet added.

I made this a while back for Danae but never actually released it to the public other than on discord.

I used the wonderful art by MissGrimmReaper for my page banner, if you have a steam account be sure to upvote like and leave a comment
if i overstepped and MissGrimmReaper doesn't want me using their art on my page banner than i will remove it

its not the best example of coding but feel free to rip anything from it, improve it, or release a better version.