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Killing Spree
By Spiffy Danae Cognatogen Denina

Version: 1.0

1. Requirements
2. Description
3. Permissions
4. Installation
5. Incompatibilities
6. Load Order
7. Credits

Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon

This mods comes with Wares-base.esm that will distrubute all the weapons to the relevant traders without conflict with other mods.
If you want the weapons to be on Tamriel Rebuilt as well, you need the full Wares mod

This mod adds close to 500 weapons to the game, either via levelled lists or hand-placed (unique weapons)

All the weapons come from HELLUVA but we put them through a rigorous screening process:

- the ugliest models are gone
- clones of artifacts are gone
- most particle effects are gone (kept the least outrageous ones)
- missing textures and icons are fixed
- the levelled lists have been rebuilt from the ground up so glass-like weapons are not in shops from level 1
- the most powerful weapons are NOT in the levelled lists but have been hand-placed in the game.
- rather than have two types of arrows: vanilla enchanted and new model with particle, I've given the vanilla arrows and bolts the models with the particle effect.
- MOST IMPORTANTLY the prices and damage have been rebalanced with great care.

None of the assets are mine, please the documentation to find the right person to credit.
These modders have all given permission to use their assets but MUST be credited.

Use you favourite mod manager or manually install.
textures, icons, meshes go in Data Files
esm and esp as well.

Wares-base.esm is a hard requirement
Enable it as well as Killing Spree

The unique weapons have been placed in the game, dungeons, wilderness, some npcs, as such, there might be a conflict with mods that HEAVILY modify those.

Load Order
Load order is not as important as MERGING your levelled lists and Objects.

Please read the documentation as the list of contributors is HUGE.
Spiffyman was the first to compile all the weapons in Heluva Weapons
Cognatogen did most of the rebalance
Denina helped with the tedious task of changing the stats of the weapons
Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.
Brucoms for developing the TES3 Readme Generator this readme was made from.