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This mod creates a house inside the Northern mountain of Balmora in an area compatible with the Balmora Expansion Mod.

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So I decided to play Morrowind after a decades absence, and of course wanted to mod it starting with my favorite house mod I used years ago. I was confused that I couldn't find the darn thing. Was I just either misremembering it existing, or confusing it with the Balmora stronghold mod? Well, I decided to try one last idea, and rooted round in modhistory and what do you know? I found it! I want to share this great house with the Nexus community, and am porting it over here. The description from modhistory:

The house is deceptively large and has the following features:

Ingredient jars for all ingredients for all expansions + Sri Alchemy
Zippy the ingredient sorting mouse, just click and zoom all the ingredients in your inventory are sorted into the jars. Now sorts Sri Alchemy ingredients!
Library with Fireplace and your very own beautiful librarian to take care of it all
Nami the Librarian will auto-sort all the books in your inventory (sorts 572 books! some from 3rd party mods). Just talk to her like you would Zippy and in the blink of an eye she makes duplicates of your books, places the copies on the shelves in a nice orderly fashion and places all the originals into one of three alphabetized closets. TIP: Always have Nami make copies of unique books before turning in the originals on quests!

SECRET AREA with even more storage and displays.
SECRET CRYPT is just a regular hack and slash with several bosses that drop interesting (balanced) items. The crypt is intended for level 20+ characters but it can be done at lower level if you're careful.

Main Hall with secret wall, hydraulic display cases, & 6 mobile display mannequins for your best armors
Clothing room with a bunch of mannequins (some mobile) for all your outfits
Alchemy & Enchantment Room - This is where zippy hangs out. Includes a couple of mannequins for enchanted clothing. Now includes a Nursery (or green room) for growing plants. (Plant growing requires the Sri Alchemy mod & I also recommend the Advanced Herbalism mod along with it.)
Bedroom ? A nice little cozy room, but needs a good woman or two to make it exciting ;-p
Armory with weapon storage room, labeled display mannequins, and a training mannequin that will not die (unless you cheat).
New & improved Olympic size swimming pool!
Dining Room and Bar.
A large Guest Area addition with beds and dining area for all your companions. There is even an indoor stables for your small animal companions.
Plant life decor near the bedroom.
Dragon Port on one roof of the house (for use with the Lord of the Dragons mod).
Look Out Tower on the other roof of the house.