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Adds Armoured Robes for Battle Mages who like to show off their arms!

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I usually play as a Battlemage, or at least some variant of mage, and wanted to see more of the armour I was equipping.

So I made a mod for myself.

Then I figured why not share the mod with others!

This mod adds several new armour pieces using vanilla meshes and textures, and are both being sold by a new merchant and have been added to levelled lists.

The only two pieces not added to levelled lists are the Daedric & Ebony Battle Robes. You can either:
A. Buy them from the Merchant.
B. Steal them from the Merchant.
C. Find the other instance of each, hand-placed into the world (there is a spoilers.txt you can check)

The Merchant (and his locked, trapped chest) can be found outside of the Mage's Guild in Vivec's Foreign Quarter Plaza.

Spring Modjam 2021

This mod does alter levelled lists, so to avoid any conflicts it is best if you create a Mashed Patch or something similar (typically via Wrye Mash)

Fair warning too: I suck at blender, so several of the robes may/will have holes in them. Apologies!

The armour pieces added via this mod take up the chest and Pauldron slots. 

For each Battle Robe, the AR, Weight, Health, Money, and Enchanting values are accumulations of each set's original values. 
(e.g. Steel Battle Robes match Steel Cuirass, Pauldron L, Pauldron R, and common robes accumulated values)