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This is a quest mod for House Redoran members. It adds a new cave north-northwest of Skar, unlocked only to those ranked Oathman and above. Upon exploring the underground ecosystem and lost Redoran settlements buried by lava you'll find a new weapon and set of armor.

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Lost Redoran Relics
by Billyfighter

This is a quest mod for House Redoran members ranked Oathman and above. There's a new cave north-northwest of Skar in Ald-Ruhn. Talk to Mirra at the cave entrance to get started.

Inside you'll find what the lava of Red Mountain buried, an ecosystem full of plant life, a lost Redoran settlement, and a set of armor and weapon to find.

This mod was originally made within 48 hours for the Spring Modjam 2021 contest.

Updated version includes:

This uses modified versions of Nordic Chef's resource pack building meshes by Enclavekiller (textures not modified).

Remodeled the spear (making it look sharper and better UV maps), changed UVs on rocks, fixed scripting and other small details.