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Greatness7 and OperatorJack

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Significantly expands on how blight diseases work, adding new mechanics, interactions, and visuals.

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Created for the Spring Modjam 2021.

The Blight
Greatness7 & OperatorJack´╗┐

This mod significantly expands on how blight diseases work, adding new mechanics, interactions, and visuals. All done with the goal of making the blight more impactful and more interesting.

- Blight diseases now apply custom visuals to those afflicted. The Player, NPCs,
and flora will have a special blight effect dynamically applied and removed
as they become infected or cured.

- Disease progression now causes blight diseases to grow in severity if left unchecked.
Whenever you contract a blight disease, you have between 2-3 days to cure it. If you do
not, it will progress and you will become more sick. This will continue forever, so
make sure to carry some cure blight disease potions!

- Active transmission of blight diseases between actors or objects. Talking
to infected characters or gathering infected herbs can result in transmitting the
diseases between either party. Watch out for those infectious trauma roots...

- Passive transmission of blight diseases within blighted zones. Actors and flora
located in cells with blight storms, or cells neighboring those, have a chance of
passively catching blight diseases. This chance decreases based on the distance from
Red Mountain.

- Face coverage is taken into account when transmitting blight diseases. Actors with
face shielding will have a lower chance of contracting a blight disease than those
without. Wear a mask! The more coverage, the better protected you will be.

- NPCs will now have and wear the face protection during ash and blight storms to
protect themselves. To get face protection, the NPC must be within the infection
range of Red Mountain. Wealthier NPCs have a higher chance of getting face protection.
NPCs will equip their face protection during storms and remove them afterwards.

- Services are now restricted during Blight storms. Why would someone take you on a
Silt Strider journey during a horrid Blight storm? (Use Creeping Blight for more blighted

Coding by OperatorJack and Greatness7.
Thanks to Leyawynn for the blight decal textures.
Thanks Axeljk and Melchior Dahrk for the neckwrap models.
Thanks to the developers of MWSE which this mod depends on.