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Adds Altmer glass armor, a high level light armor to various daedric shrines in the world.

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This mod adds Altmeri glass armor to the game, it's a powerful set of light armor that can be found at several Daedric shrines.

The Armor once belonged to a infamous and unorthodox Altmer paladin who was notoriously violent in his slaying of Daedric worshipers, Molag Bal himself ordered that he be cut into pieces while still breathing, however once the paladin was finally got the better off he took himself out in a magical explosion taking many of his opponents with him. The remaining cultists being unable to fulfill their masters wishes instead split up his armor and offered it to their lord at several different shrines. However the paladin was an enemy to more than just the followers of Molag Bal, which has lead to several pieces being stolen and offered up to shrines of other princes instead.

You can find the body of a hopeful but unlucky thief in the shrine Ebernanit with a list of locations where the armor is being kept. 

The original concept and custom glass textures were made by Ateiggaer, everything else was made by me.

This armor is free to use as a resource for whatever you want as long as you give credit.

If I've made a mistake of some kind, please let me know and I'll do my best to solve it.

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