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This mod changes soul values for all dremora, golden saints, and gods in the game. Requires Tribunal.

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REQUIRES TRIBUNAL, but cmon, get tribunal if you dont have it, its been 20 years. 

this is all i did in the creation kit:
soulchanges:          [summons included]Dremora-400Dremora lord-600Golden saint-800Staada-1000Anhaedra-400Kraazt-600Lord Dregas Volar- 1500Vivec-5000Almalexia-5000Dagoth Ur-5000

i dont think you can soul trap Voryn Dagoth, but give it a shot i guess. 
I did this due to dremora having very powerful sould in both lore and other titles, and to help enchanters get constant effects faster
if you have any suggestions, please leave them