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This mod adds a new NPC/Merchant to the game named Warlord Jeebilus, a character from my popular reddit web-series in r/morrowind. He will grow and change with you as you progress through Morrowind's story, unlocking new skill books, dialogue and a better home for Jeebilus.

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If you have browsed r/morrowind at all during the first year or so of the coronavirus outbreak in 2020, you might have seen my posts about my argonian character Warlord Jeebilus. If not, then this is your chance to get to know him!

Jeebilus can be found in-game by following these directions:

"walk south on the western shore by the river that runs from Molag Mar. When you walk past the Hlaalu Ancestral Tomb look for a small beach, mudcrabs usually play around on it. On this beach you will find the cave where Warlord Jeebilus resides."

If you want a map directly to his base click here.

When you first start the game Jeebilus's cave will be dimly lit and infested with mudcrabs. As you progress through the main quest you can hear Jeeb's thoughts by selecting the "your journey" topic in the dialogue menu. His cave will also become progressively cozier and volumes of his memoirs will appear. Each memoir details an important chapter of backstory for the character and each one is also a skill book. The memoirs do imply that Jeebilus becomes the Nerevarine which is technically lore breaking, but don't think too hard about it. Treat him like the argonian counterpart to M'aiq the liar - a fun NPC who breaks a few in-universe rules and is self aware.

Jeebilus will also sell two personal artifacts that he created - an enchanted war axe called "The Chilly Chopper" and an enchanted adamantium helmet called the "Thinking Cap". He will also buy any items you wish to sell him. The "barter" dialogue option might look like it's missing after you first speak to him, but it will still work if you click on it in the normal dialogue menu.

That's all you really need to know! Huge thanks to u/GnomeMaster69 who reached out to me on reddit and helped me turn this idea into a reality and thanks to everybody who has supported me in the past! Enjoy the mod, and as always: stay moist my egg siblings.